Kodak introduces LIVEPrint, gives kittens to masses.

Kodak LIVEPrint

It’s nice to see a company with a sense of humor. Companies across the web see April 1st as the time to have a little laugh. This includes those in the camera business as well.

No other company could use a good laugh more at the moment than Kodak. After all, they are going through a bit of a rough patch. In the time since our last article, we have seen the sale of a portion of their patent portfolio. We have seen earnings reports tank, and the company declare bankruptcy. The 131 year old company is obviously on its last leg.

Of course, what cheers up a dying man more than a kitten? Nothing, that is what! So this April Kodak has announced they will be starting KODAK LIVEPrint. Kodak states on their site :

“KODAK LIVEPrint technology was developed in our Rochester, NY labs by a small group of dedicated imaging scientists after a very spirited lunchtime brainstorming session. Rapid commercialization of this new technology is underway in all areas of the company and new products will be launched in stages throughout the coming year.”

Kiosks will soon be open offering up kittens of many breeds such as Siamese, Persian, and Egyptian Hairless. All of this will be ready by November 1st, says Kodak.

This fall we will see the advent of LIVEPrint Home. Which is slated to produce smaller pets such as mice, hamsters, and rabbits. The pet store of the past will be in your own home!

2013 will see the advent of LIVEPRINTLargeFormat. This will offer those who want something a little larger the opportunity to print their own. Kodak expects to be able to offer creatures such as Polar Bears and Elephants.

Will this new service save Kodak? Well, no. But it sure is funny. Kodak is taking a dive, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the best of it.

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